What you see below are systems that we believe to be balanced across quality, price and performance for a gamer on any budget. We generally keep a few prebuilds in the shop which you can come and test out, but if your needs differ or want a specific part or brand we can build this in 24 hours*.

When it comes to building your PC, professionalism is at the forefront. Our builds are made with meticulous wire management to ensure they are both thermally efficient and looking as beautiful as possible. We make sure to use only quality parts that we know will keep you gaming and if in the rare case it’s not perfect, you’re covered by the @HomePC Lifetime Labour Warranty** to make sure that you’re not off the server for long. If you want to learn the process of building a PC you can also join us when we build it, complete with advice and guidance from our many years of experience building PC’s. Bought the parts already, no problem! We can put them together so you have the confidence that your personal build will definitely work. 

Remember, you can always call us to find out what would be best for you and at a great price with the best service that we can provide. 

*This is an estimated time, this can differ depending on the availability of your components

**The Lifetime Labour Warranty only covers the labour done on the machine, parts come with the standard manufacturer's warranty plus our own one year guarantee

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The Budget Buster
You need not break the bank this Christmas with the Budget Buster! Aimed to get great performance in current games like Fortnight and other..
The AMD Wolf, Ryzen 5, GTX 1060
Ryzen 5 1500 GTX 1060 6GB Gigabyte Gaming 3 8GB DDR4 RAM Intergral 500W 80+ PSU Cooler Master Watercooling
The Victory Royale Budget Bundle
Aiming to get the victory royale? Do it in style with this unique bundle designed to get you playing to your best! Aimed to get great..
The Beast - Epic Gaming Computer
NZXT H700i Connected Smart Case NZXT Kracken X62 RGB Watercooler Core i9 x7900 Ten Core CPU Team RGB DDR4 64GB Asus X299 Prime Deluxe..