SmartPhix has partnered with @Home PC to offer a high quality repair service for phones and tablets irrespective of brand; making @Home PC a one-stop shop when it comes to tech repairs. Each repair at SmartPhix comes with a 12 month guarantee; a breath of fresh air in a world full of unreliable repair services, often found on social media and unskilled Technicians using a knife and fork on your £600+ phone or iPad.

"Every individual has a phone or tablet, chances are they will drop or damage it at some point . If you do break your phone or tablet, it can be difficult to know where to take it. We want to become the default place for people to take devices, where you know that it is going to be fixed."

We have premises, established for nearly 14 years and are insured and secure. We have partnered with 'world class' technician, Martin Crickett. Martin has previously worked for Apple and iSmash, one of the largest Apple tech repair specialists in the London area.

Bringing with him an extensive skill-set and a great deal of experience, acquired from dealing with up to 30 repairs a day at iSmash.

As well as working on phones and tablets, Martin has the ability to carry out extensive Apple Mac repairs, including screens and logic board repairs and liquid damage; we hope to branch out into audio equipment in the near future.

Martin has invested in a brand new in-store Repair Lab, fitted with specific equipment to enable him to deal with repairs quickly and effectively.

Phone Repairs

Smashed your phone screen again? Don’t panic, @Home PC can guarantee quality, speed, service and value with the launch of SmartPhix.

Audio Repairs

Console Repairs