SSD Drives

It’s all about the speed. Are you suffering with a slow computer, sluggish response times, horrendous load times? SSD’s are the solution to this. With our “Clone and Go!” service you can be in and out in no time at all, as they’re usually done by the next day.

With over 1000+ Installs in the last 18 months we know the improvements they can make. Whether new or old, all computers really benefit from an SSD. We guarantee that the improvement will make your computer faster than it was out of the factory*. If you’re not happy we’ll even refund you within 28 days**.

Even if you think all you do is check emails or write a word document every now and then and SSD will drastically make your computing experience more pleasurable with no frustrations. 

This is because the SSD is so much faster than a traditional hard drive your computer will use all of its power. 

Desktops, All-in-ons, laptops and even Macs can all benefit greatly from an SSD and we offer a personalised service to meet your exact needs. 

*Applicable only to laptops installed with a mechanical HDD

** If you’re not satisfied with the improvements made to your computer we will remove the SSD and reinstall your old hard drive and refund you the amount paid.