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Rig of the week £899

Fractal Compact, Ryzen 5 1400 Gamer, Ryzen 1400, 16GB DDR4, M2 SSD, 1060 6GB Nvidia GTX, Windows 10

Upgrades available

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Premium Smart Phone

& Tablet Repairs

MON - FRI : 9:30 - 6:00 SAT : 11:00 - 3:00

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Solid State Drives provide huge performance increases even in older PCs & LAPTOPs

Data transfer and installation from £99

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Custom Gaming PC's built within 24 hrs

Custom Gaming Rigs built to your budget or specific requirements.

All custom builds come with a full lifetime labour Warranty.

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10 Series Graphics Cards from £169

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Gaming PC Builder

Design your own custom rig and have it built with our new online PC Builder




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One of the most important things to consider in business is how to gather information from your sales, if you are using an old till or one of our recent customers had a book and a lock up cash tin what information does that give you……..not a lot.

We have recently done quite a lot of market research into this and found that Companies supplying Touch Screen EPOS systems even advanced Cash Register Systems were in our opinion charging the earth.

With this in mind we are offering a much more affordable modular solution that could see a fully programmed Touch Screen PC based system,Cash Drawer and Thermal Printer installed for under £1350 and that includes the VAT as well, we will also give you a month of hand holding and staff training and after a month we give you the choice of a Maintenance contract for the year at a very competitive £300 Inc of VAT or if you are savvy enough you can opt for our no contract £49 per call out should you require it and that also include the VAT.

With a fully fledged EPOS system you can have full sales information, what you have sold today, last week,last year you can get info on your best selling products, your most productive staff and on the dark side if a member of staff is being dishonest, you can print of a receipt, you can have kitchen printer or a barcode scanner to speed sales input, in fact we will have you sale processed in 3 to 4 clicks!

Need support we have it! Our installer/Programmer has 15 years + experience  in the market sector and is very familiar with software and hardware requirements for just about every kind of business and we will have your system connected so we can log in and sort you out or if you need a call we will be there.


Still unsure how EPoS can help you? Here's some key benefits below:


Stock Control

Keep an accurate level of stock at all times including value.
Reduce stock ‘holding’ with accurate forecasting.
Speed up transactions.
Integrate with lots of helpful peripherals.
Stock reports.
Batch price changing/ special offers.


Faster and easier transactions.
Look more professional.
Boost loyalty by remembering names and addresses.
Add loyalty points or special offers.
Previous transactions/buying habits.
Fully Functional Table and Room Booking System.


Keep cash secure and accurate at all times.
Know exactly when staff login and out.
See who accessed the till.
Digital end of day and balancing.
CCTV integration.

Ease of Use

Remote access of entire EPoS estate from any location.
All accounts and VAT.
Custom Reports for all aspects of the business.
Integrate with lots of helpful peripherals like hand scanners.

Current Clients Include, Sage Cafe Bar,Carlisle-Bronze Tanning Salon, Carlisle-Brampton Card Centre, Circle Cafe Bar, Carlisle-Room 26 Carlisle-Foxes Cafe Lounge, Carlisle.....