Werewolf - Epic Gaming Computer

  • NZXT H700i Connected Smart Case
  • NZXT Kracken X62 RGB Watercooler
  • Core i9 x7900 Ten Core CPU
  • Team RGB DDR4 64GB
  • Asus X299 Prime Deluxe Motherboard
  • Coolermaster 1000w Modular PSU
  • Asus Poseidon 1080TI x 2 SLI
  • 2x 960 Evo Pro M2 SSD Raided
  • 4 TB Black HDD
  • Windows Pro 64


This is the ultimate benchmark killer system on the market right now, using only premium components selected by our in store engineers. Crafted in the NZXT 700i connected smart case, monitoring your case with precision. Inside you'll find the killer Intel Core i9 x7900 Ten Core CPU which will obliterate any task thrown its way, with 20 threads nothing will stop this CPU. To handle this much power the NZXT Kracken X62 RGB Watercooler will keep the processor working at maximum efficiency. To power the beast, the Coolermaster 1000w Modular PSU was selected for it's 80+ Platinum rating and quiet running this is more than enough to supply the power needed. 

That power is needed when it comes to the two overclocked Asus Poseidon 1080ti's which have been placed in an SLI setup. This huge amount of compute power will be enough for every game on the market and will also be very effective at tasks like video editing, 3D Animation or any other high end creative production. With 64GB of DDR4 RGB Ram this will be enough memory for years to come. This is all built on an Asus X299 Prime Deluxe Motherboard, for only the best components will do. In addition to the horsepower the PC is also one of the fastest on the market with not one but two Samsung 960 Evo's M.2 250GB Drives in raided as to be optimised for speed. Space is not a concern either with a 4 TB Western Digital Black HDD acting as storage for the system. And finally the operating system is the standard for high end builds, Windows Pro 64.

We have sold this PC with a Killer Asus Strix 3x 27" Monitor Set Up, Custom VR Kit and custom Desking, we know what it runs like and it eats everything in its site.

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Data sheet

Operating System
Windows 10
Processor Type
Intel Core I9
Dedicated Graphics
SSD Drive