The Intel Scorpion, i7, GTX 1080

  • Intel Core i7 7700K
  • GTX 1080 8GB
  • Gigabyte Gaming 9
  • Cooler Master Masterwatt Lite 600W 80+
  • 16GB Corsair RGB RAM
  • Seidon Watercooling
  • Corsair Crystal Case


The Scorpion is the high performer here at @HomePC, Industrial strength and style is here and will obliterate any game you through at it. Coming equipped with a i7 7700K this processor will mince anything with 4 cores and 8 threads clocked at 4.20GHz allowing it to power through any obstacle. It is by no means held back by its GPU the beefy GTX 1080, 4K and VR capable this card will devour nearly every game thrown at it. Nor will it ever stutter given 16GB of user programmable RGB Ram installed on the wonderful Gaming 9 motherboard by Gigabyte. The 600W PSU keeps this powerhouse running without issue and the Seidon keeps it running cool. The best part, you can watch your PC in a gorgeous Corsair Crystal case. 

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Data sheet

Operating System
Windows 10
Processor Type
Intel i7
Dedicated Graphics
Installed Ram
Storage Size
SSD Drive