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Brand: Razer

Razer Sphex V2

Ultra-Thin Surface Excellent Tracking Quality for Laser & Optical Mice Extra Durable Polycarbonate Finish Optimized for Gaming Mice

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Team Red Build 6 Ryzen 3900X. 6800 16gb, 32gb RGB,512 M2

  • Ryzen 9 3900x 12 Cores, 24 Threads
    Boost Clock 4.6GHz
  • XFX 6800 16GB
  • 32GB RAM
  • m.2 NVME 480GB
  • 700W PSU
  • Branded x570 Motherboard
  • Windows 10
  • Lifetime Labour Warranty
  • Choice of Case Corsair Carbide or As Above
  • 1TB HDD + Free Wifi
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This is a Team Red (AMD) Beast, with enough power to play all games at maximum settings with blazing fast speed.

The Ryzen 3900x 12 Core 24 Thread CPU is a multithreaded CPU and is absolutely outstanding when it comes to performance, it's so powerful you can even stream your games from this PC without any noticeable loss in performance.

The XFX 16GB 6800 will absolutely obliterate any game you through it at, complete with ray tracing and a a huge 16GB GDDR6 GRAM this will absolutely wreck.

Like with all of our gaming builds speed is a priority, fast boot times, fast load times and fast gaming is what this is designed to do. We even try and build it quickly too, usually being done in the next day or two!

All our gaming builds come with a lifetime warranty, we make them from scratch so if any issues should arise we'll be the ready to sort it out ASAP. Plus we're always here for general support, just like a good local business should.

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Team Red
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Brand: @HomePC

Gaming Build Five

Ryzen 9 3950x GTX 2080 32GB RAM m.2 NVME 1TB Strix ATX x570 PSU 700W Windows 10 Lifetime Labour Warranty *Case may vary from shown

Price £2,399.00
In stock

Brand: @HomePC

Gaming Build Three Super Edition

Ryzen 7 2700x RTX 3070 (depending on stock availability) or Radeon 6800 16GB RAM m.2 NVME 480GB 600W PSU Branded B450 Motherboard Windows 10 Lifetime Labour Warranty

Price £1,349.00
In stock

The Christmas Build 2020

Our Christmas build can be ready in the close run up till Christmas and is one powerful PC indeed.  - Ryzen 7 3700x- Nvidia RTX 3070 - B550M Aorus Elite Motherboard- 32GB RAM- Areocool Intergrator 750W PSU- Bit Fenix Nova Mesh case- 500GB m.2- 1TB Mechanical Drive

Price £1,699.00
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Brand: @HomePC

Gaming Build Four

Ryzen 7 3600x RTX 3060 ti 16GB DDR4 m.2 NVME 480GB Strix ATX B450 500W PSU Windows 10 Lifetime Labour Warranty. Free WiFi and 1TB HDD on every Gaming PC *Case may vary from shown

Price £1,299.00
Out of Stock

Brand: @HomePC

Gaming Build One

Ryzen 3 3100 GTX 1650 8GB RAM 500GB SSD M2 MSI Pro M 2 Max MATX B450 500W PSU Windows 10 Lifetime Labour Warranty Free WiFi *Case may vary from shown

Price £599.00
Out of Stock

Brand: @HomePC

Gaming Build Two

Great Value And Powerful Gaming PC Using The Ryzen 2600x, RGB Case Featuring 4 RGB Fans And Remote Control With SSD Duties Carried Out By A Superfast WD Black NVME M2 Drive Which Runs 10X Faster Than Standard SSD Drives. Ryzen 7 2600x GTX 1650 8GB DDR4 RAM m.2 NVME 240GB 500W PSU MSI B450 Motherboard  Windows 10 Lifetime Labour Warranty Free WiFi and 1TB...

Price £699.00
In stock

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