We repair all brands of Computer and Operating System including Windows, Mac and Linux.

We have 82 years of experience repairing computers and have the confidence to repair any issue you might run into! The common types of repair include;

  • Broken Laptop Screens
  • Failing Hard Drives
  • Operating System Errors (Blue Screen)
  • Frozen and Slow Computers
  • Unresponsive keyboards/mice
  • Ram Failures
  • Emails not working.

Even if your issue is not listed here, it’s highly likely we’d be able to find a solution! Our diagnosis is free so feel free to bring it in for us to have a look at it!

Often times the best solution can include a system reinstall. In this case, your files including you documents, pictures, videos, music and others will all be saved, however, programs will be removed and will need to be reinstalled. This is usually only done if the repair is unable to be fixed in the current operating system and you will be warned prior to us reinstalling the Operating System.

While Computer Repair is a slightly generic term we do offer fixed prices on our repairs, the price we offer to you will be the price you pay. You will be notified of any issues that arise during the process of repair and if we’re successful or unable to repair your laptop you will be given it back at no cost. We don’t take weeks to look at it, often getting to work on the device on the same day we receive it and we’ll be both upfront and honest with you in what it needs and how much it costs.

So whatever issue you’re facing, feel free to bring the computer into the shop for us to look at and you’ll be on your way in no time!